Beary Sensitive was born shortly after the birth of my daughter, Farrah. Once she was diagnosed with eczema, I found it hard to find products that would not only treat her eczema but would do so in a healthy, restorative way. Not being able to find products that were sensitive enough for her skin, yet affordable, forced me to create one! 

In 2015, I took to the kitchen of our home in Asheville, NC with a simple purpose--to craft a hydrating skincare product made with organic ingredients for my baby girl. I started by creating a bar of soap and have now expanded to body scrubs, lotions and facial products that all provide organic skin solutions to your daily routine. Being an organic skincare formulator, I believe in providing high-quality, herb-based products without adding synthetics. Beary Sensitive products are free of sulfates, parabens, synthetic fragrances, artificial colors and are never tested on animals. The wonderful and aromatic smell of every Beary Sensitive product is derived exclusively from essential oils and herbs. I love creating these products because it allows me to share small batch scented skincare products with the world.

At Beary Sensitive we love and respect nature for its purpose and power. That’s why our customers can feel assured knowing that all of your products and packaging are eco-friendly and reusable. 

We believe and LOVE our products and know you will too!