Why You Need Our Uni-Tea-Y Soap

Why You Need Our Uni-Tea-Y Soap

Looking for a great detox bar that leaves your skin feeling smooth and clean, then look no further! Our UNI-Tea-Y soap has the right ingredients needed to remove toxins from your skin. Our unique blend of tea tree oil, charcoal, bergamot oil and plantain leaf  help to remove dirt and bacteria. Thus unclogging the pores and detoxing the skin. All four of these ingredients are also known to be anti-inflammatory and antibacterial.  Thus helping to ease the irritation and discomfort associated with sensitive skin conditions, such as eczema, psoriasis, dry skin, acne, etc. If you or anyone you know are experiencing these issues then this soap is for you!

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Frequently asked question:

1. Does this black soap stain like other black soap?

No, our Uni-Tea-y soap foams with white bubbles and does not stain the shower. 

2. Is this soap good for acne?

Yes, the charcoal, tea tree oil and cacao, bergamot are great at extracting dirt and impurities from the skin

3. Can I use this bar all over?

Yes, numerous customers have used this soap from head to toe

4. Is this soap good for people with eczema?

Yes, the combination of plantain leaf, bergamot oil and tea tree oil are amazing at helping to regenerate new skin cells, soothing the skin, and treating scars

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