Beary Sensitive Organic Sensitive Skin Face Line Review From Lux Blog NC

Beary Sensitive Organic Sensitive Skin Face Line Review From Lux Blog NC

Hey all I am so excited to share this product review blog of Beary Sensitive's organic 'Sensitive Skin' face line products. In this blog Kimberly used three items for 30+ days and documented her skincare journey. 

Items used from sensitive skin line:

  • Sunflower Cucumber Cleanser
  • Avocado Restoring Mask
  • Q10 Renewal Moisturizer 

Thank you so much LUX Blog NC for this amazing review and I'm so happy my products were able to help you on your skin journey. 

- Ayesha

Lux Approved: 30+ Days with Beary Sensitive Skincare

Happy Sunday Luvs,

Oh my goodness, it has been a long time since I’ve posted a blog but I want you to know The Lux Blog NC is still here even in the midst of a pandemic! So I’m here today to tell you about one of my new past times since “the rona” showed up into our lives. Self-care has become a more intentional focus of mine and one area I have struggled with for the past almost 5 years has been my skincare. I turned 35 in July 2016 and all heck broke loose on my skin. I didn’t experience childhood acne but I did recall my mother experiencing “adult acne” at age 35. So here I am, on this journey, to finding a product(s) that will work with my sensitive, acne prone skin.

I’ve tried the “tried and true” products that many of us have collected under our bathroom sinks for years. Whether it was Clean and Clear, Dove, Noxzema, or Neutrogena, I can truly say I tried but the same results happened. I had a consultation with a dermatologist and even their products were not supporting the needs of my skin at the time. Then, in Summer 2020, I went for Fenty Skin by Rihanna and I will say I started to see some light at the end of a “acne” filled tunnel. Yes, I had a fabulous “Hot Girl Skincare Summer”, LOL!

However, since I live in NC, once the Winter months hit my Fenty Skin was not giving me the moisture I needed for this dry, sensitive skin. By this time, I had started using body care products by NC-based and Black woman-owned business, Beary Sensitive by Ayesha Murphy. I love the fact that her products are not filled with artificial chemicals and are organic. So of course I had to ask her about her business and how you can enjoy her products as much as I have!

What has been your inspiration when it comes to expanding your business and adding on skincare products?

My inspiration for adding skincare was that I wanted something that worked well for my face and was still true to nature. In the past, I’ve used skincare products that still left me feeling oily or my skin was dependent on everyday use of the products to prevent breakouts. As I started on this journey, over a year ago, I wanted a high-end product that could hold up to spa level results.

What makes Beary Sensitive skincare products unique to you?

What makes these products unique to me is that they are botanical based, sensitive to the skin and potent in delivery. All of these products are still built around the Beary Sensitive principles of organic and paraben free. I love how for each item the science behind the ingredients help to drive the skincare results of fresh skin with minimal blemishes.

As a Organic Skincare Formulator, what was the process like creating your own skincare products?

The process for creating this skincare line was to identify plant-based ingredients that are known to help the skin but may not always be mainstream. I wanted to be able to highlight that organic skincare can be just as beneficial without all of the harsh alcohols. This skincare line is about building healthy skin without stripping or creating dependencies. If you accidentally skip one day of you, you won’t automatically breakout.

How can people purchase your products?

My products can be purchased online at .

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This is my first time revealing my skin for a product review, but I will say I had to share the amazing results I have experienced so far. I’ve been using the 3-step Sensitive Skincare line from Beary Sensitive for 30 Days in these photos and I could see a big difference in my skin. As you can see in the first photo, I have redness, breakouts, and dry skin. The second photo, even from a side view, shows how my acne is improving but also the moisture in my skin. I noticed my redness has decreased, the moisturizer lasts all-day, and it is locally-owned in NC.

Ya’ll, I have not felt this good about my skin without makeup in a very long time. The 3-step Sensitive Skincare line consists of the Sunflower Cucumber Cleanser, Avocado Restoring Mask ( which I adore!!!), and the Q10 Renewal Moisturizer. Each product is organic, paraben-free, and cruelty-free plus filled with organic ingredients!

I highly recommend you shop with Beary Sensitive for all of your body and skincare needs and tell them The Lux Blog NC sent you!

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Review courtesy of Kimberly Knight with The LUX Blog NC

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